3rd Special Forces Wins 2024 USASOC International Sniper Competition with Eagle Eye 308 Win

Congratulations to the Team from 3rd Special Forces Group for Winning the 2024 USASOC Sniper Competition with Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr ammunition.Ammunition. We also want to congratulate all of the other competitors for an excellent performance at the worlds pinnacle sniper match.  

Results for all of the teams shooting Eagle Eye Ammo -   

1st Place - 3rd SF - 175gr Berger otm   

4th Place - USASOC - 176gr Atip   

5th Place - 75th Ranges - 155gr berger hybrid   

7th Place - 20th SF- 175gr berger otm   

8th Place - Netherlands KCT - 175gr berger otm   

9th Place - Coast Guard MSRT - 175gr berger otm   

11th Place - 7th SF - 176gr Atip   

14th Place - NSW - 176gr Atip